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I served as Managing Partner, Chief Technology Officer from 2015 to 2020 and managed DevOps, the devs, Research and Development, and the infrastructure of the company. Ten88 was a tech startup that me and my friends put together in 2015. Our biggest clients then were Facebook Inc. (now Meta) in Menlo, California and Globe Telecom, among others. We built websites and mobile applications for events and did livestreaming which eventually paved the way for virtual events solutions, during the pandemic.

At the height of its operation, TEN88 was deploying immersive applications and games its clients for use in live events in what would now be considered as experiential marketing.

Our project with Facebook involved developing a content management system designed to manage and deploy an interactive UI that simulates the User Experience of Facebook Ads but on large, vertical touch displays. Used as a selling tool by the clients’ business units to their advertisers, these touch screens where deployed in the clients’ regional offices around the world and would also be setup and installed during special sales calls and events.

Facebook Display CMS

Our projects then with Globe Telecom involved providing advanced livestreaming solutions during events (this was pre-pandemic, pre-Zoom era), integrating conferencing, multimedia, and live production elements across multiple venues, demonstrating Globe Telecoms’ capability to handle bandwidth for these specific use cases.

Our other projects involved designing and developing applications and websites with unique immersive experiences.

The company was shutdown around June 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and its assets, R&D, and tech was absorbed by its mother company, SAGA Events (now SAGA).

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